Hello everyone!  I am visiting my son in L.A. for the week, but I had to post!  Happy Birthday, Mick!!

I am looking forward to catching up with more of y’all’s posts when I get back!


After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
Aldous Huxley (via placidthoughts)

(via unconditionedconsciousness)

As Rummy brought to our attention the sad news of Johnny Winter’s passing, I read about it, and found this fantastic rendition of Jumpin Jack Flash.

He sure could deliver, and it’s a sad loss to the wonderful world of music. 

That dude in the middle had a great idea!

That dude in the middle had a great idea!

Another Wayback Wednesday ditty. You know, like with Tonic, it doesn’t FEEL old, but can you believe this song is 21 years old?? Old enough to drink. I’m old!
Dammit. Oh well, here is Soul Asylum with Black Gold, y’all!
I hope you enjoy it.

It’s Wayback Wednesday, hey!  Here is The Style Council with My Ever Changing Moods.

People got mad at Paul Weller for leaving The Jam back then, but people are silly.  It’s not like they were the Stones, right?

They were great, too, though.

This song makes you want to dance, or if you are driving you have to smack the steering wheel a lot.


A much loved song for so long.  I find it SO sad and SO beautiful.  It’s a perfect little song, in my opinion.  Let’s listen (and maybe learn, if you want to) as Mr. Simon offers us a lesson in life?

Now here is “I’ll Go Crazy” by The Moody Blues, covering James Brown’s song, which was recorded 5 years prior.  Although I can hear the strong blues/rock/soul in this version, it does have some of that early psychedelic sound as well.  It’s really good, but if I had to choose I think I would say I prefer James Brown’s version SLIGHTLY more, probably because I like the backing guitar more than I do the piano part in this version, which I think it’s replacing.

What I did not know (also) is that this is the first cut from the Moody’s first album……uh oh!

But when was 13 I bought Long Distance Voyager, and I still have that on vinyl!  So don’t give up on me, Cap, Wiz, Progtracks, etc.!  But I have a feeling that Moody Blues fanatics regard LDV as Led Zeppelin hard core’s regard In Through the Out Door, which is probably my favorite album by them (oh, I am going to hell).


In most cities, the local rock stations always had “Two for Tuesday” and in Miami in the 80s it was “Back to Back Thursday” because…I think because Sunday was block day, so they’d play 3 songs by the same band, and I guess (again no research yet) Thursday was a comfortable enough time to pass so as not to disrupt the natural order of things too quickly.

Today, I heard a back to back of sorts on Underground—something with Little Stevie.  I don’t have time to look things up; this is a friggin library! :) 

Well, the twist they have going is they play a song by someone and then play the same song by someone else.

I like James Brown but am sorely lacking in knowledge about the man.  I’d like to see the new movie coming out about him, Get On Up.  I like his most famous hits but I had never heard this one.  Shameful.  But now I have and I must say, I like it a lot!  “Oh, James Brown!  Let me listen.”  My favorite part is when he yells, “You’ve got to live!  For Yourself! Yourself and Nobody Else!”  Indeed.  My next post is part two…I hope you listen and read both, and I hope you like the song!

In a recent post by Cap about Imogen Heap and featuring Jeff Beck, the bass player intrigued me because she is so good and also struck me as being about 15!  I think I wasn’t off too far, but I see she has earned her chops and has played with some of the best, and has at least one solo album (I didn’t research much).  She’s an Aussie, too (which I like).  Here she shares a bass duet with Mr. Beck, and they made some magic!  Impressive playing by both.

Tal Wilkinfeld, everyone!

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