The Smiths - Well I Wonder (With Lyrics):

And here is another straight from the heart song by The Smiths.  This video was not exactly approved by them; not to bore you with the details but it’s a compromise between Morrissey and the record label at the time.  The record label’s idea.

This song seeps into your bones.  We all crave love and acceptance.  Sometimes we erect self imposed walls because on some level we feel we don’t deserve love and acceptance, so we do things and say things and refrain from doing or saying things to create a self fulfilling prophecy, which is so harmful to ourselves.  But, because of billions of reasons, timing, combinations of reasons (lies) and timing, part of us says, “Aha!  See?  I don’t deserve love—-or something like that.

Now, some people thought/think Morrissey is whiny.  But nobody can rightfully accuse him of not revealing honest, often painfully desperate and very real feelings.  His image is no gimmick.

This song is very dark and sad, but so honest and not without hope.  God, he understands people, even if he is “difficult!”


The Dunwells - I Could Be A King

Give this song a listen, okay?  I think it has great appeal.  It’s by The Dunwells, a band that includes  two brothers, Joseph and David Dunwell, in addition to pals Rob Clayton and Johnny Lamb.  They hail from Leeds, England, and they have a kind of euphoric, huge, divine sound, I think.

This song, I Could Be A King, is a great example.

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Oh, Morrissey. His lyrics are at his most vulnerable here, and he’s not being witty or over the top on purpose here, so it’s a rare sincere plea without being purposefully overdramatic.. This was towards the end of the Smiths 5 year career, which gifted us with MANY songs, especailly in such a short period of time.

This is not really that way back, but I heard it earlier today and just felt compelled to post!

I was lucky enough to see Buddy Guy at Springfest back in…2002 or so.  He plays his heart out, and this song, “Where is the Next One Coming From?” just hits the bluesrock bone.  The lyrics are funny blues….I like when blues songs have over the top, amusing lyrics.  I mean, sad and tragic statements that are still funny because of exaggeration (not in all cases, but in this case, yes).

Does that make sense?  I hope so.  Either way, enjoy Buddy Guy, everyone!

For Wiz…(Moonlit Knight).  I had to come in really early today, and I tried to join your broadcast but I must have just missed it.  Too bad for me, and sorry I missed it!

I went to the best Bookstore ever in L.A., called The Last Bookstore (there is a tunnel of books leading upstairs as you walk through, into a labyrinth of rooms crammed with books, sweet Jesus). I bought The wonderful Saga of The Smiths called “A Light that Never Goes Out” -The Smiths have affected my life in ways I can’t overestimate. Johnny Marr is an incredible guitarist, who purposely never played solos, much like Stewart Copeland’s drumming in The Police;  both played FOR the songs.  Marr is also a talented producer and is so skilled at layering his guitar tracks…I have been so caught up in this book that I have been waking up daily with Smiths songs already in my head.

And Morrissey’s lyrics, again, well, he has a controversial rep, but his words have touched so many people’s lives.  Did you know their album Meat is Murder pushed Bruce’s Born in the USA out of the #1 spot?  I didn’t, even though I love The Smiths AND Bruce. 

I have been itching to post them for weeks now, and I am too biased because I love every frickin song!  But this is one favorite that highlights Marr’s great guitar and Morrissey’s always resonating lyrics.

Apparently the words, although cryptically, are a jab at their label, Rough Trade, and the (perceived) frustrations created by the head of Rough Trade at the time.


I  just  want  to  squeeze  the  hell  out  of you, & baptize you  in  kisses.
-1000 sunz



-1000 sunz

What a wonderful man Robin Williams was, in so many ways.  He touched so many people, and no one could fully know and understand his lifelong struggles with depression.  He will be missed!!

This interview is from a few years ago before embarking on a new standup tour.

R.I.P. Robin.

I am in no competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.
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secret bunny conference

"the ladybugs are on to us"

This is too adorable not to reblog! :)  Bunny rabbits.



secret bunny conference

"the ladybugs are on to us"

This is too adorable not to reblog! :)  Bunny rabbits.

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